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Real Gabinete Português de Leitura, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Real Gabinete Português de Leitura, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

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  A Bastard Named Kyle  

Pittsburgh • 1985 • Virgo

Kyle Anthony Adams

• Painter
• Designer
Interested in me doing something for you email me at

I own a mini pot bellied pig, Rooty

Libertine • Surrealist • Saint

I Will Save You From Yourself
What I Do, Who I Am

i am, in general, a well rounded Multi-Disciplinary Visual Artist.
Painting is my life's work, acrylic, mainly impressionistic, sometimes Abstract expressionism, and other times Surreal landscapes.

I work as a Web Developer/Graphic Designer for Clay Communications which is a multidisciplinary design house.

Also Work As a Video performance artist (VJ) in the video mixing collaborative team The Legendary Androids. Working a club night at Cattivo every third Saturday. Under the guise of "Kyle the Saint", I Specialize in Ultra Violent, Hallucinogenic Imagery and Data Moshing.

Also work as an Event Photographer for Nakturnal ( & Down & Derby.

Also work as a Videographer for RAW Pittsburgh.

I am the owner, operator and Artist at 8minus3 Screen Print Shop.

I was working as a Creative Agent for Rocking Horse Artspace. My Duties included, Social Media Management, Web Development, Media Production, Event Coordinator, Archivist and Resident Installation Artist.

My Hobbies are Photography, Videogames, Reading, Sewing and Biking.

I consider myself to be a Philosopher, Libertine, Surrealist, Absurdist and a Saint, in my everyday life.

My Sun Sign is Virgo
My Moon Sign is Cancer
My Chinese Zodiac is Wood Ox

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